Chapemix 2 (minerals with a specific hardness and form blended with high-quality binders) is a product designed to increase durability of industrial floor surfaces.

The mixture is spread and incorporated into the final layer of a freshly poured concrete.

The wear resistance of the concrete floor increases and its impact resistance is improved.

The Chapemix 2 can be applied both inside and outside.

Application areas: warehouses and storage depots, production floors, loading and unloading platforms, parking lots, etc.

The standard Chapemix 2 has a cement grey color.

On request, the Chapemix 2 can be colored in advance e.g. black, grey, etc.


The use of a pre-blended product has several benefits:

- simple in use

- constant quality

- The used grain size distribution has been balanced so that the final layer has even more strength and so that machines (e.g. polishing machine) does not get dirty.

- The product provides the ability to spread a maximum amount of it in order to obtain a perfect wear resistance.

Spread manually: 1 à 3 kg/m²

Spread with a machine: 2 à 3 kg/m² (more on very fresh concrete)

Technical data:

The quartz is washed when extracted to prevent organic particles in the product (max. 0,1%).

• Chemical analysis

- SiO2 > 96%

- CaO 0,83%

- K2O 0,86%

- Al2O3 Max 2%

- Fe2O3 Max 0,25%

- MgO 0,27%

- Na2O 0,33%

• Physical characterization

- Aspect aggregates blended with cement

- Bulk density    +/- 1,7 T/m³

- Hardness 7 Mohs

- Amsler test < 2 mm according to NIT 204 and NIT 216 from CSTC

Available grain sizes:

Standard: 0,5-2 mm and Chapemix 2.

Other grain sizes and hardness on request.


In bags of 30 kg (1200 kg by pallet) and in big bags.

Security and health:

R 36/37/38 : Irritating to eyes, to respiratory system and to skin.

S2 : Keep out of the reach of children.

S24/25: Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

S26 : In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

S37 : Wear suitable gloves.

S46 : If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.