Geotherm-x is used in the application of heat pump systems that requires a good thermal conductivity. After installing the tubes in the drilled holes, Geotherm-x is used to fill up the open space in the holes to improve thermal conductivity to the soil.
Geotherm-x is a ready to use injection mortar.


Geotherm-x is a pre-mixed product, composed of different natural ingredients.
Once mixed with water, it becomes easy an emulsion that is easy to inject.
After injection, the emulsion is very stable in the borehole, which makes it impermeable.
Due to perfect fitting with the surface of the probe, an excellent heat transfer is possible. Therefore the performance of the entire system is increased.
Similarly, Geotherm-x protects the probe against perforation.

Instructions for use:

Geotherm-x can be used in all the mixers available on the market (pulsation mixers, colloidal mixers and continuous mixers).

Technical data:

  • Permeability: k   ̴ 1 x 10-10 m/sec
  • Sedimentation: < 1%
  • Conductivity coefficient: λ  ̴ 1,5 W / (m.K) (500 ltr water for 1000 kg Geotherm-x)


24kg bags on pallets, with protective bag or in
big bags of 1 ton.


Dry on pallets.
When it is properly held in stock,
the product can be kept min. 6 months.