Betonmix Rapid


Premix of washed, dried and calibrated minerals, of special and fast binders and additives. Ready for use. Product purpose: quick fixing.

Possible applications:

For the quick fixation of:

• Pillars

• Panels

• Garden pieces

• …


• Make a hole in the ground with adequate dimensions depending on the object to be fixed

• Moisten the sides and the bottom of the hole

• Place the object into the hole

• Dump dry Betonmix rapid out around the object up to a height of ±20 cm and add ±3,5L water for 25KG

• Go on with the same procedure until the desired height is reached

• Spread the concrete with a picket or a shovel.

• When the water is absorbed, compact and smooth the concrete

• Depending on the ambient temperature, the concrete begins to take grip after ±15 min


• Grain size:  0-8mm

• BETONMIX-RAPID/water 7/1 (in weight)

• Consumption weight ÷ 2 = volume in litres  e.g. 25KG of Betonmix rapid ÷ 2 = ±12,5L of dried volume.


• In a dry area, protected from the weather.

• Life span: ± 6 months after date of manufacture.


Bag of 25kg