Euroquartz is one of the pioneers in the development and production of Geothermal grout products. Our product knowledge combined with the knowledge in the field of our customers have ensured that the GEO-X product range offers a combination of excellent properties.

  • Only noble components are used in our products: Our raw materials are obtained from the best and most reliable producers. we are satisfied with nothing less than top quality. The quality of our basic raw materials is monitored on a constant basis, as is the quality of our end product.

  • Only powders are used in our blends. This means that we do not mix “residual fractions” from other products or grain sizes. Our basic components are always the same and remain so within a product formulation. This is unchangeable. For the driller, this means that there is much less structural and occasional damage to the grout installation. Just calculate what “downtime” takes time for a grout installation.

  • Our working methodology, production installations, incoming and outgoing flow of goods have been KIWA (KIWA publication) audited and passed with flying colors as part of the past and ongoing certification processes.

  • All products within the GEO-x range have been environmentally hygienically tested by independent laboratories in accordance with the Dutch standard for borehole fillers, BRL 5078. No shortcomings have been found. In fact, for CONDUCT GROUT bv. The control period has been set at 1x per 3 years. The lowest control factor, precisely because our raw materials are “virgin clean”.

  • All products within GEO-X achieve a water permeability of at least <10E-09

  • “Thermal conductivity“: Our grouts are tested in our lab with a “thermal needle”. We believe this is the only correct method to measure thermal conductivity, or at least to aim for a reproductive result. What we measure is also stated on our technical data sheets. Field results are not included in our technical data sheets as they are not reproducible and can be manipulated. At Euroquartz, a mixture is made and tested according to the prescribed mixing ratio. Nothing less, nothing more. This method allows our customers to do a test themselves or have it done by an independent lab. Results can still vary slightly, but at least it is clear whether – with the values ​​stated by the manufacturer – the truth is not being cheated.  Would you like to do a comparative test with our products and those of our competitors? We are happy to make an appointment with you.

  • Sink or shrink: Our products settle max 2%. This is a completely normal phenomenon with both cement and non-cement bound products. Products where settling or shrinking does not occur can only contain a very high content of swelling clay. Swelling clay does not promote thermal conductivity. 

  • Cement or non-cement based products? : Cement-based products are “more form-retaining” For our products this means that a certain hardness is achieved, but that the grout remains flexible enough to absorb any movements in the substrate. Non-cement-bound products always remain “pasty”, such as plasticine. For both, careless use (too much water, for example) affects the effect and ultimate result. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  • health and safety”: our products are “Environment-hygienic” tested and approved (see extract report below – full reports available via information button) by independent laboratories in the Netherlands and Belgium. This means that no polluting or harmful substances are present in the products. It is of course the case that grout products, from whatever source, are powdery construction products, cement-bound or not. Dust may develop during unloading from the bag or big bag. Personal protection during processing is therefore recommended.