THE energy source of the future? nature offers us humans the opportunity to make use of natural resources without depleting or weakening them.

Solar and wind energy are already widely used and accepted as an alternative source of energy to fossil fuels. What about heat pumps using geothermal energy, and more specifically, vertical “shallow” geothermal drilling?

The number of heat pump installations is steadily increasing. Elsewhere in Europe, the demand for geothermal systems is on the rise.

A well-executed geothermal installation starts from filling the boreholes with a thermally conductive grout.

EUROQUARTZ is one of the pioneers in this industry and is, through its own development and production, the leader in the Benelux with the product range GEOTHERM-X.

The “GEO-X” range was built up in the idea of ​​being able to offer a product range that can be used as widely as possible, without having to compromise on the quality of the product, and thus the work delivered by the driller.

GEO-X consists of 3 cement-based products and one product without cement as a binder.

If you attach importance to a high thermal conductivity,  GEOTHERM-X GR offers a lambda value of 2.0 W / m.K

Do you need an “all-rounder”? A product with a lambda value of 1.5 W / m.K? GEOTHERM-X®  is the standard and origin of our grout products.

GEOTHERM-X ECO has quickly established itself on the market. This price-conscious product offers a lambda value of 1.4 W / m.K

Finally, our last member of the family:CONDUCT GROUT A cementless mixture that pumps effortlessly, forms a nicely bound grout and, depending on the amount of water added, can present a lambda value between 1.4 and 1.9 W / m.K.