Once upon a time … when companies discharged their “waste” water untreated. Different times, different customs. Fortunately, consumers and government alike have realized that our rivers and lands need to be protected from systematic pollution.

Today companies must purify their production water before discharging. If there is already discharge. The recovery of wastewater is increasingly seen as a cost saving. Investments in advanced industrial water treatment plants are being considered or implemented.

Water purification filter equipment in plant workshop.

Industrial water purification uses sand filters. It is true that a size larger than the pool filter, but based on the same principle. Large and smaller dirt particles are filtered out by the sand, after which the water can undergo further treatment.

Euroquartz not only offers the drinking water standard DIN EN 12904: 2005 approved quartz sand. We also offer you the service of blowing in via tanker, directly into your water tank or barrel and this completely dust-free. For this we work with regular partners with tons of experience in blowing in sand. Distance is no problem. It is blown in over a distance of 80 meters!