Chapemix 2(mixture of minerals with specific hardness and shape, mixed with high-quality binding agents) is used to increase the durability of industrial concrete floors, according to the DIN 1100 standard. This is done by spreading and incorporating this mixture into the top layer of a fresh poured concrete floor. This increases the wear resistance and improves the shock resistance of the concrete floor. Chapemix 2 can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

Areas of application: Warehouses and stacking areas, production floors, loading and unloading platforms, car parks, etc.


Using a pre-mixed product has several advantages:

  • Constant quality
  • The used grain curve of granulates is so balanced that the top layer gets extra strength, and that the equipment (eg polisher) does not get dirty too quickly.
  • The product offers the possibility to sprinkle a maximum amount of product in order to obtain a perfect wear resistance.
  • Abrasion resistance According to DIN 52108 (Test Böhme) Screed mix 2 – F5: <5 cm³ / 50 cm²





7 Mohs


30 kg bag.

Extra information

On a 1-way pallet of 1200 kg.