Although the term sandblasting evokes the image of sandblasting, and is therefore approached negatively, there is no reason not to use the term. “Sand consists of small pieces of stone, grains of sand, which vary in size between 63 micrometers and 2 millimeters.” (Source wikipedia) Regardless of the mineral or raw material, between 63 µm and 2 mm the sand remains. We can continue to use the term SANDBLASTING.

The use of quartz sand, however, is generally prohibited for outdoor and indoor applications, with the exception of outdoor applications where a water spray technique is used. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives on the market with a content of

Wood and other “soft” materials should be treated even more gently than non-ferrous metals. The experience of the contractor plays a major role in this. What pressure and product is best for blasting a softwood door? Or a hardwood chair? Euroquartz does not offer the service of blasting, we do have the materials available in extremely fine grain such as  ABRAFINE – ABRACOR – ABRAPEARL

Euroquartz offers these products in bags of 25 kg.