Ah, .. nice and cool at summer temperatures in our splash pool or, for those who are interested, in a very oversized swimming pool. Who doesn’t want this?

From the smallest inflatable pool to an Olympic size pool. Clean and clear water remains the challenge. From simple paper filters to complete sand filter installations. Filtering is necessary!

Sand remains the filter medium of choice. In ancient times it was already known that sand has the properties to rid polluted water of coarse and fine polluting particles such as leaves or hair.

Our quartz sand has a silicon content> 96%. It is the most economical and pure product for your filter. Other products claim a longer useful life or better filtering and offer a higher price in return. However, there is no scientific or experimental basis for these claims. The alternatives have not been on the market for a long enough time to prove they effectively have a longer lifespan.

You can be sure of quartz sand: A quality product at the best price.